What Is Kawanggawa ?

KAWANGGAWA is a project with the main purpose to provide a new method to make donation with transparency and efficiency through blockchain. At KAWANGGAWA platform, you can have access to various ecosystem of services with lower cost, The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way of how people make a donation in the future and Kawanggawa Token (KGWA) will take part for being role model in this new era of fundraising for Charity.





Halim Yudi
Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and Blockchain Enthusiast, with a passion to drive change in society and business. Mr. Halim worked 7 years at the business world in various roles in sustainability, strategy and building new business ventures.

Bill Martha
Co-Founder & CTO

Bill Martha well-known as Billy is an experienced developer and technology enthusiast with passion for cutting edge technology and humanities social development.

Budi M
Ecosystem and Marketing

Budi has been in the communications field for 9 years, primarily directing PR and Marketing for the variant of business. He excels in strategic plan development.

Fahmi H
Business Development

Fahmi is a senior strategist, business model innovator & business development manager, combining multidisciplinary thinking with tech development. He also driven to deliver business success & developing human potential.

Community Manager
Admin, Communications and Public service specialist


Antony Liongosari

CEO at Fivebalance, ICO Investor

Bungaran Eka Suryadi

CTO Fivebalance & Founder Masternodes.id

Lili Antala Dewa

Angel Investor

Fiat Convertion Partners